ABS Academy offers a series of specialized training courses, delivered by experienced presenters who bring to the classroom an invaluable blend of theoretical knowledge and practical understanding.

In addition, ABS Academy tailors training programs to help corporations meet their goals and objectives.


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Builders - Solutions Focused Training

These technically-focused curricula are designed specifically for professionals involved in the design and construction of ships and offshore units.

Topics Include:

  • Structural Design and Rules Compliance
  • Common Structural Rules for Tankers and Bulk Carriers
  • LNG / LPG Carriers Design and New Construction
  • Statutory Regulations Primer
  • Software for Designers
  • Applying IACS Polar Rules

Owners - Best Practice Training

Of special interest to owners, ABS Academy courses examine the regulatory, technical and management concerns affecting operators of ships and offshore assets.

Topics Include:

  • Auditing for ISM , ISPS , ISO and OHSAS
  • STCW ’95 Marine Safety Framework
  • Regulatory, PSC, Vetting and Hull Inspections
  • ILO Convention Requirements
  • TMSA, DPA and Risk Assessments
  • Maintenance and Inspections

Offshore Oil & Gas - Best Practice Training

For owners and builders of offshore oil and gas assets these courses examine regulatory, technical and management concerns.

Topics Include:

  • Design fundamentals of MODU’s
  • Risk management solutions
  • Auditing for ISM , ISPS , ISO and OHSAS
  • Classification and Regulatory Inspections
  • Maintenance and Inspections

ABS offers more than 160 courses for the maritime and offshore industries.