Vetting Inspections for Oil Tankers     (MIN018)


Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to provide shipowning and ship management companies with an understanding of vetting inspections. The course aims to familiarize marine superintendents and shipmasters and/or officers with the system of vetting and its procedures so that they can prepare their vessels to minimize the opportunity for unexpected/unnecessary observations that may adversely impact the vessel’s prospects.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to vetting, definitions and background
  • Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE)
  • Enhanced Survey Program: multiple inspections
  • Goals and interests of shipowning/ship management companies
  • Interests of major oil companies
  • Minimum safety criteria
  • Standard procedures followed to apply for a vetting inspection
  • Itemized standard process for a vetting inspection
  • Points of attention
  • Observations of high risk
  • Review and response to noted observations
  • Outline of TMSA requirements

Who Should Attend

TMSA Elements

Course Schedule

Length: 2 days; Course may be scheduled on request. Request