Electrical, Electronics, Controls and Telecommunications Inspections for Superintendents     (MIN004)


Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to provide participants with methods for prioritizing and assigning periodic inspections of the most critical electrical, electronic, telecommunication and automation control equipment on board. This is for maintenance of an effective failure management strategy (i.e., maintenance plans for proactive and reactive maintenance, one-off changes) which can be developed to control the risk of losses including productivity, safety, quality, generic time delays and costs.

Course Highlights

  • Main generators, switchboard and engine control system
  • Diesel generator control system
  • 3-Phase control motors
  • Auxiliary boilers
  • Steering gear
  • Engine room alarms and indication system
  • Batteries
  • Fire and general alarms
  • CO2 alarm system
  • Oily water separator
  • Electrical heaters
  • Navigation equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Lighting fixtures and galley equipment
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Cargo pumps and associated machinery
  • Cargo plant safety, alarm and indication systems

Course Schedule

Length: 1 day; Course may be scheduled on request. Request