Prevention and Mitigation of Human Error in Marine Operations     (HF001)


Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to explore how human error occurs on ships and offshore installations. Learn how to examine and categorize human errors to identify conditions and situations that may have contributed to the mistakes. These error-likely situations typically stem from weaknesses in the policies/practices that influence selection, training, supervision, communication and design of the workplace. The information and techniques reviewed in this course will help identify human performance issues before they cause problems and make root cause analyses more thorough and effective. Practical methods are assessed to address conditions and situations that contribute to mistakes, such as error-proofing, mapping and development of system mental models.

Course Highlights

  • Human operator functions
  • Types of human behavior
  • Human errors and causal factors analysis
  • Human reliability assessment (HRA)
  • Quantification of errors and quantification modeling
  • Human error reduction

TMSA Elements
9 & 11
DPA Elements
3, 6 & 8
TOTS Elements

Course Schedule

Length: 2 days; Course may be scheduled on request. Request