Electrical and Automation Systems     (NC005)

Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to provide an in-depth description of the electrical and automation systems’ installation and testing associated with the fabrication of steel ships. Participants will become familiar with the ABS requirements for the installation of electrical and automation systems. The course will highlight the critical issues associated with each electrical system and the automation system.

Course Highlights

  • Electrical load and short circuit analysis
  • Protective device coordination studies
  • Wiring practices and cable installation
  • AC generators and switchboard
  • General equipment, IP ratings and ship-type specifics
  • Motor starters
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Online diagrams
  • Essential and emergency services
  • Drawing submission and test requirements
  • Grounding and harmonics
  • Hazardous areas
  • Batteries
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Automation: electric propulsion, steering and PLCs
  • Safety issues
  • High voltage systems
  • New technology: solar panels, cold ironing, wireless systems and fuel cells

Who Should Attend

Course Schedule

Length: 2 days; Course may be scheduled on request. Request